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Two Tip Tuesday #3: The Sock Game and Teaching Critical Thinking to Kids

Welcome to your second "Two Tip Tuesday," where I share one pro parenting tip and one red hot resource. Let's go!

1. The Sock Game

This is one of my favorite games to play with my kids because it's super fun, invites connection, and gives kids a healthy feeling of power.  So get your socks on and get on the floor.

The goal is to take each other's socks off but keep yours on!

It's that easy. Games like this are great for disrupting power struggles, redirecting bad behavior, teaching emotional regulation, managing impulse control, and "practicing losing". You and your child can exercise your muscles, your reflexes, and your relationship.

NOTE:  Include siblings...carefully.  

me and my son trying to get each other's socks off

2.  Podcast Reco:  Filter it Through a Brain Cell


A few weeks ago, I recommended a Free Life Skills Camp (still time to register!). While watching one of the videos with my son, I came across a podcast worth listening to with kids.

Filter it Through a Brain Cell teaches kids to spot logical fallacies (aka: bad thinking) and shows them how to look at media more critically. Although it's aimed at middle schoolers and up, listen anyway! Our family is learning so much, and when my youngest doesn't understand, it's easy to simplify.

I feel more prepared than ever to talk to my kids about social media and advertising.

❤️ Rachel


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