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Create real and long-term changes in your child's behavior through the power of private and group coaching with Rachel Sklar.  Coaching offers parents insights and guidance that transcends common parenting advice, focusing on the unique situation and needs of your family.

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For moms of boys who are intense, sensitive, explosive, highly sensitive, or energetic. 

This program focuses on building your skills and filling your toolbox with effective methods for transforming behavior and raising a son that is cooperative, calm, connected, and compassionate. Engage in a community, get coaching, and learn what it takes to raise a calm, kind, cooperative boy.

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private coaching

Tap into the power of individualized parent coaching.


With private coaching, you receive custom strategies and perspectives so you can guide your child's behavior in positive ways, transforming day-to-day interactions and outcomes at home and at school. Access a variety of self-paced program resources and schedule a series of private sessions with Rachel.

private + group coaching

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