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Encircle Mini
For Parents of Preschoolers
Let's Take your Family from
Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years
manage meltdowns with ease • get a grip on morning and evening routines • resolve the hardest battles gracefully • gain confidence in your every move • implement strategies that increase listening and cooperation • find your inner patience • connect with your child
  • 4 Pre-Recorded Sessions

  • 2 Pre Recorded Q&A Sessions 

  • Guidebook ~ 37 page notes + exercises

  • Taught by leading parenting coach, educator and speaker, Rachel Sklar.

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Weekly Drop-In Group Coaching

  • 6 Wednesdays, 9a - 10a pacific

  • March 9 to April 13​​

Introduction Webinar
From Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years
  • 4 Effective Tips for Motivating 2-6-year-olds to Listen and Cooperate.

  • 3 Surprising Mistakes Parents Make & How to Quickly Stop Making Them.

  • How to Use Mindfulness for Yourself & Your Child at the Same Time.

  • Why "being 100% consistent" is an unfair standard & what you can do instead.

Week 1 Audio Course

Parent and Child at the Supermarket
A Blueprint for Gaining Perspective
  • Learn what you control and what you can't

  • 5 solutions for a family in chaos

  • How to know your child deeply

  • Why child development is your friend.

  • How to use temperament to everyone’s advantage

Week 4

Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth
Everyday Parenting Strategies
  • Learn custom techniques for what to do before, during, and after an outburst or incident

  • Write your own scripts, templates, and examples for how you'll handle the next showdown in your house. 

Week 2 Audio Course

Family Using a Tablet
How to Create a Parenting Plan
  • Stop using traditional problem solving approaches

  • Learn the 4 steps to creating a sustainable parenting plan

  • How to apply the 4 Steps during family meetings to prevent future drama

Q & A Bonus #1

Family Walking
Real Parents, Real Answers- Session 1

If you're not able to attend the live Q&A sessions on Fridays, listen to this recording of a previous session where other parents got their questions answered. 


Discover that you're not alone. 

Week 3 Audio Course

Quality Time
Mindful Parenting will Blow Your Mind
  • How mindful parenting and mindfulness differ

  • Understand how the child and adult brain are wired to connect and react. 

  • Learn the three gears of Mindful Parenting

  • Gain tools for calming both your and your child's mind at the same time.

Q & A Bonus #2

Mother and Daughter
Real Parents, Real Answers - Session 2

Fridays are busy. I know!

This is a second recording of other parents asking questions and getting practical answers.


Listen in and learn.  



Content outline  •  Notes  • Worksheet Exercises 

Live Q&A Meeting

Zoom  •  6 Wednesdays  •  9am pst
Details Provided in a Private Facebook Group
Mother and Child

Manage Meltdowns with Ease
Get a Grip on Morning and Evening Routines
Resolve Even the Hardest Battles...Gracefully
Gain Confidence in Your Parenting
Create a Home Where Everyone Thrives
Implement Parenting Strategies That Work

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