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Two Tuesday #2: Stop Asking, Start Playing and Join the Boy Mom Membership

This is where I share one pro parenting tip and one red hot resource. You can see them all here. Let's go...

1.  Stop Asking, Start Playing

If your kid says "No!" or hits the ignore button when you suggest they play a game or find a toy or read a book or do anything fun, listen up!

Instead of asking, just start doing.

Set up that board game, start building that train set, play an audiobook in the car, start a game of solitaire, read a kids' book on the couch. Entice your child by doing, not by saying. Sometimes, it's easier for kids to follow your lead than decide where to go.

boy laying on the ground next to board games and dominoes

2.  Two Secrets About the Boy Mom Method

If you've been in my community for a while, you know that I run a monthly mastermind program for moms of boys. It includes weekly group coaching sessions, a monthly seminar, and a 24/7 FB group where I help you solve your parenting problems. 

It's your call! Let us know if you have questions, or better yet, buy the course and click to "Add the Boy Mom Method Membership."



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