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Are you putting pressure on yourself to impart wisdom?

Question: Does your eagerness to teach your son a lesson (like telling him why hitting is wrong) ever result in lectures that lose his attention entirely?

We’ve all been there. It’s tricky because I think we feel like we HAVE to teach them a lesson, and yet when we come from this lecture-y space, they miss out on the lesson. Then it’s just a disconnected finger-wagging moment that your son isn’t actually learning from.

The pressure you feel to impart the lesson or wisdom causes you to talk to him in ways that actually slow his growth and the natural discovery and wisdom building that natural consequences can provide.

Trust HIS process, and let that trust allow you to listen more and talk less.

Share your point of view AFTER you’ve let him share his. Not before.

Comment below - have you’ve caught yourself trying hard to impart wisdom instead of listening to your son and what he’s learning? Do you notice yourself wanting to cut him off less and listen more? Would love to hear.

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