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meet rachel sklar

coach, speaker, educator, boy mom

Rachel helps parents raise kind, calm, cooperative kids (especially boys) through private coaching, group programs, and seminars. She runs employee seminars that teach practical strategies for working parents, and she speaks on parenting topics at schools and community events.

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Meet Rachel Sklar


1:1 coaching sessions and programs help parents navigate any challenging behavior or parenting breakdown.


Rachel designs custom plans based on the child's unique needs and strengths. She then supports parents as they implement the plan. 


Moms of boys enjoy self-paced, group, and private programs that create cooperation and unbreakable bonds.

The  Encircle program and The Boy Mom Method are designed specifically for moms of boys that are intense, persistent, sensitive, or active. 


Parenting seminars and workshops will strengthen your community group,  school, or company.


Work Smart, Parent Well is a corporate program that combines productivity, time management, and parent trainings for employees at your company.  

Rachel Sklar Parenting

Do you hear yourself saying... 

  • I’m completely out of patience and hate that I yell

  • My son gets aggressive and hits when he’s angry

  • He won’t get off his screens without a fight

  • My child completely ignores me

  • My partner and I aren’t on the same page

  • I've read all the books and nothing helps

  • I’m not sure if this behavior is normal

  • My child overreacts to everything

  • I can't concentrate on work when my kids are struggling

What if you could say... 
Rachel Sklar Parenting Coach
  • I understand my kid and he gets me

  • I know exactly how to respond when he's being aggressive 

  • I know my child will turn out kind, confident & successful

  • My child comes to me with problems & talks about feelings 

  • We have systems at home that work

  • I’m confident in myself, my partner, and my child

  • Parenting is easier and more joyful than ever

  • My boss supports me as a parent and an employee

high-tech, speaker, educator, coach

Rachel brings real-world experience in the parenting field ~ not just theory

Rachel Sklar Via Parenting
Rachel Sklar ParentSpark CCO
Rachel Sklar Cleo
JFCS Center for Children & Youth

Rachel consults with progressive companies who actively support their working parents

Rachel Sklar Consulting at Clorox
Menlo- Atherton Cooperative Nursery School
Rachel Sklar consulting at Parents of Multiples
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recent press

Rachel's skills as a Parent Coach have earned her a spot on the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

Los Angeles, CA 1/24/2024: How Rachel Sklar Empowers Moms Everywhere Read Now
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San Francisco, CA 3/5/2024: Discover These 11 Leading Parenting Coaches to Rely on in 2024 Read Now
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Rachel Sklar, Sklar Parenting. Parenting Expert, Speaker, Coach


I would recommend Rachel to anyone who feels challenged by raising kids who push limits and continuously act in defiance. After working with Rachel, there is less yelling and arguing with our teenagers.




Thanks to Rachel and our work together, my family is back in a healthy, loving mindset, and our relationships and communication have never been better.




Finding Rachel was like a breath of fresh air. Talking with her is a great balance of letting off steam and getting practical tips that actually work! The days after I connect with Rachel are by far the easiest ones I have with my kids. 




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Rachel Sklar, Sklar Parenting. Parenting Expert, Speaker, Coach

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